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Best Practices (CA)

Five Key Reminders About Meal and Rest Breaks For California Employers

In recent years, the discussion around employers' responsibilities to provide meal and rest breaks has…


Best Practices (CA)Terminations

Five Mistakes Employers Make During Terminations

Navigating the delicate process of employee termination requires tact, preparation, and a keen awareness of both legal and personal considerations. ¬†Here are five mistakes we…

Understanding the Emotional Dynamics in Employee Terminations

The process of terminating an employee is never easy. It involves not just legal formalities but also significant emotional undertones that can affect both the…
Best Practices (CA)

2024 Employment Practices Audit

The start of 2024 is the perfect time for companies to conduct a California employment law audit to ensure policies are compliant, managers are properly…
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New Cases

California Supreme Court Holds Trial Courts Do Not Have Authority to Dismiss PAGA Claims For Manageability Concerns

As recently covered on this blog, the surge in Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) lawsuits and the amounts of damages sought in these cases in…
Best Practices (CA)

SB 476 Creates New Obligations For Employers Regarding Food Handler Cards in 2024

Effective January 1, 2024, SB 476 requires employers pay for the costs associated with the training and testing, in addition to paying the employee for…


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